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Q: Why attend a regional or national NAWIC event?
A: Any of these events present the opportunity to better understand the Association and “the big picture.” They are also a way to meet and network with other NAWIC members in your region and at a national level. Finally, the education offered is a valuable resource on a personal and professional level.
Q: How often are these events held? How long do they last?
A: Each of these events is held once a year. Regional Annual Planning Conferences (APC) are held in the fall somewhere within each region. APC is typically a one-day event held on a Saturday. Regional annual Forums are two-day events and are generally held somewhere in each region in the spring. The Annual Meeting and Educational Conference (AMEC) runs from Wednesday to Saturday in late August/early September and its location changes from year to year. This is the annual national event.
Q: Who can attend them?
A: Any member in good standing may attend. Each chapter sends their representative, which is generally their president, since a president’s meeting is held to update them. More members may attend from any chapter. Nonmembers may also attend the NAWIC events.
Q: What happens at these meetings?
A: There are general session meetings for all attendees, which update them on the current status of the Association. Presentations are made for many of the committees including membership, professional education, NEF events, and safety. Educational opportunities are planned at each event in many different areas. Since our membership is so diverse in their professions, the planning committees for these events make an effort to appeal to everyone. Often presentations will be offered that fulfill continuing education units or certification requirements.